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Mets' Farm System: On The Grow

The Mets' farm system is looking a lot better these days, per the experts.

Jonathan Ferrey

Everything's coming up Milhouse. Or maybe Sandy. Between yesterday and today, a couple of minor league rankings have been posted to the Internet, and the Mets are looking pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Yesterday, John Sickels posted his rankings of each major league team's farm system, and he put the Mets twelfth in baseball. Here's what he had to say about them:

12) New York Mets (15): Strengths: strong at the top with trade acquisitions Zack Wheeler, Travis d'Arnaud, and Noah Syndergaard all ranking as Grade A- prospects. Pitching in general is a strength, with large amount of depth behind the top group. Weaknesses: impact hitting behind D'Arnaud and Wilmer Flores.

Not too shabby.

And today, posted its top 100 prospects in baseball, and the three Mets mentioned by Sickels all ranked in the top 30 — d'Arnaud is sixth, Wheeler is eighth, and Syndergaard is twenty-ninth. Here's a snippet of what Jonathan Mayo had to say about each one:


If it hadn’t been for some injuries, talk about d’Arnaud as a prospect would have long been a thing of the past and the buzz would be about him as one of the bright young catching stars in the big leagues.


Wheeler has evolved from more of a thrower into a complete pitcher, one who isn’t far from helping out at the big league level.


His combination of stuff, pitchability and aggressiveness on the mound point to a possible future as a frontline starter.

And if you're into prospect watching, be sure to check out our own Rob Castellano's top fifty prospects and list of prospects who might see some time in the big leagues this year.

All in all, these are good things. It's not hard to imagine a Mets team featuring Wheeler and d'Arnaud as regulars as soon as the middle of this season, and both the infield and the rotation would be very strong if they pan out as expected.