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Mets Morning News: Mets Sign An Outfielder, Refinance Loans

New York Mets related news and links for the third day of 2013

Justin Edmonds

The Mets signed another outfielder on a minor league deal, adding Andrew Brown and inviting him to spring training. He's another right handed bat, and seems like a nice addition without guaranteeing a roster spot.

The Wilpons have reportedly refinanced $450 million in loans they borrowed against SNY. There were no specifics included in the reports, so it's a bit hard to say just how badly this is going to hurt several years down the line. I can't imagine this will be good for the fans in the long term though.

Yesterday at AA:

Jeff looked at Andrew Brown, and pointed out that Ted Berg was calling for this signing a month ago.

David said happy birthday to David Cone.

Around Baseball:

Grant Brisbee went looking for the most asinine HoF ballot reasoning out there. He found some good ones.

Dave Cameron had some interesting thoughts on the future of the qualifying offer. As long as the Mets continue to be broke, this will be stuff we should probably be well versed in.