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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 5

Amazin' Avenue Audio Episode 5 breaks down the 2013 Mets outfield while managing to not break down into tears. Then Kyle Lobner of Brew Crew Ball talks Shaun Marcum and Carlos Gomez, because Rob just can't quit Carlos Gomez

Note, this podcast contains discussion of the 2013 Mets outfield and may not be sutable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

Run Time: 82:14


0:00: Some seriously hot guitar riffs

2:00: Mets outfield talk, platoons abound

9:08: Andrew Brown is probably not Scott Hairston

17:40: Justin Turner is probably not an outfielder, but we're running out of right-handed hitters

18:12: Jeffrey gets in his weekly Josh Satin reference

23:50: Lucas Duda wil be standing in left field.

40:15: Who is the best all-around Mets outfielder right now?

45:30 The Bourn Conundrum, a film by Paul Greengrass

57:54: Jeffrey kind of hates the new CBA

1:04:00: Kyle Lobner (@BrewCrewBall) joins the podcast to talk Shaun Marcum

1:17:15: Rob wants Carlos Gomez back

1:20:35: Wrap-up

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And don't forget to send us e-mail questions at and tune in next week for less depressing middle infield discussion.