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Mets Morning News: Mets sign LaTroy Hawkins, Sandy Alderson talks to ticket holders

New York Mets related news and links for the final day of January, 2013

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A couple of things happened yesterday that should be of interest to Mets fans as spring training inches closer and closer. Sandy Alderson and company continued their quest to assemble a bullpen that costs less than Peter Minuit paid for Manhattan in 1626 by adding yet another veteran pitcher on a minor league deal. Today's addition is 40-year old LaTroy Hawkins, who spent 2012 pitching for the Angels.

One player who doesn't seem like he'll be joining the Mets this season is veteran right hander Roy Oswalt. I can't say I'd be unhappy if the Mets did show interest in giving Oswalt a minor league deal, but assuming Oswalt wants some sort of guarantee, passing probably isn't a terrible idea.

Beyond simply signing relief pitchers to minor league deals, Sandy Alderson spent part of his Wednesday evening at Citifield speaking to season ticket holders. While he made it clear that he does not epect th outfield to be a strength of the Mets this season, he did indicate that we're still in the mix for a free agent to improve the situation. Read into that what you will.

Yesterday at AA

Eno addressed the Mets and their attempt to get an "exception" from Major League Baseball which would allow them to sign Michael Bourn without surrendering the No 11 overall pick in the 2013 draft.

The fifth episode of Amazin' Avenue Audio hit the (streaming) air.

Matthew looked at the differences in how PED use is looked at between baseball and football, as the situations with Alex Rodriguez and Ray Lewis are certainly being treated very differently by the media.

We also had an article from Baseball Nation about underrated new Met Scott Atchison.

Around Baseball

Baseball Nation looked at Rick Porcello, who has a win total at a young age that puts him in pretty elite company.

The fantasy baseball people over at Fangraphs took a look at rumored Mets' target Michael Bourn, looking specifically for warnings of an impending decline. The conclusion was that the Mets should tread carefully when approaching the speedy center fielder.

The Padres reached an agreement with third baseman Chase Headley to avoid going to arbitration.