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Mets Morning News: New Wilpon Loans Total $700 million

New York Mets related news and links for January 4, 2013.


Yesterday we found out that the Wilpons had managed to refinance some $450 million in loans; today we found about a bit more on how they did it. According to Bloomberg, they took on another $700 million in debt, something that can only be bad news for fans of the team. It's well past the time where Bud Selig should have stepped in at this point.

Speaking of the WIlpons, they reportedly want to bring Major League Soccer to Citifield. That doesn't fit the goals of MLS though, so it's likely nothing more than a pipe dream.

Steve Cohen isn't finding life quite as rough, despite being tied to an insider trading scandal. If only the Wilpons had it so lucky with Madoff.

Yahoo! had the Mets ranked as their No. 28 organization following the TRAID of R.A. Dickey that they described as "brilliant." It's hard to argue that the Mets wouldn't be considerably higher with competent ownership.

Yesterday at AA:

James Kannengieser took a look back at the year that was at AA.

Matthew Callan looked at The Happiest Recap and Banner Days.

Around Baseball:

Misery always loves company, and luckily for the Mets, the Braves seem to be embroiled in a bit of a public relations nightmare at the moment. Maybe Bud Selig can fine them and use the money to support MLB's poor.

Dave Cameron took a look at the value of draft picks over at Fangraphs. The Mets have the eleventh overall pick in the amateur draft this year.