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Mets Morning News: Piazza, New York Catcher

Deacon White and Mike Piazza were both great catchers (with great mustaches!), but probably only one is going into the Hall of Fame this year.

Christian Petersen

Meet the Mets

Mike Vaccaro thinks that Mike Piazza should be in the Hall of Fame. But what about the back acne, Mike? Also, tell it to Davidoff.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan writes about Robbie Alomar, who it turns out was in fact a Met at some point. I actually had to double check baseball-reference, as I have no memory of him wearing the orange and blue. None. Let's keep it that way.

Around MLB

More Cooperstown stuff: Tim Kurkijan argues for Craig Biggio. I really can't believe some of the 'arguments' we are having this year. Also can't wait until the MLB Network live results broadcast when no one gets in. Compelling television. At least they will be able to show pictures of Deacon White's awesome mustache.

Mariano Rivera says his surgically repaired knee is at 95 percent.

In your daily dose of MarLOLins, they are not moving Giancarlo Stanton. Come on, sooner or later they are moving Giancarlo Stanton. Let's not kid ourselves.

The Braves haven't closed the door on Michael Bourn. No word if they are kicking the tires, though.

And finally, Joe Posnanski breaks down the Topps numbering system for baseball cards.

And now, your 2012 Mets highlight of the day to get you through the long, cold winter:

In honor of what will probably be the Mets most high profile offseason signing, a minor-league deal for Omar Quintanilla, here he is hitting a home run in last year's Subway Series.

And your non-baseball link of the day:

Shamless self-promotion of my appearance on a pro wrestling podcast? Shamless self-promotion of my appearance on a pro wrestling podcast