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2013 Mets Prospect Ranking Discussion

A farm system once based on puffery and hype has come a long way in just two short years.

Mets newest pitching prospect, Noah Syndergaard.
Mets newest pitching prospect, Noah Syndergaard.

As you may have read this morning, the percolations are imminent on this year's Amazin Avenue prospect rankings.

However, before we get there I wanted to try out an interesting feature from one of our sister SBN blogs, Minor League Ball. I've checked in on John Sickels' site somewhat regularly since I was a young pup, and one of my favorite attributes about the site has always been the lively, knowledgeable discussion that takes place there.

Specifically, I've always liked the highly democratic platform he creates for anyone and everyone to say their piece directly before his rankings are made final. Whether they actually inform his decision-making or not, at the very least it's a great forum for people to share knowledge and opinions and allows for some excellent debate.

With that said, let's do that.

I'll throw out a few discussion points below, but don't feel limited to what I come up with. Discuss whatever is on your mind, including additional questions for the group -- which I'll jump in and answer as well:

  • Wheeler or D'arnaud, who is the system's top overall prospect?
  • Considering most of his numbers actually increased upon promotion to the show, is Matt Harvey due for some regression in '13 or is he actually this good?
  • Is it too soon to push the seemingly polished 22-year old Rafael Montero to Double-A?
  • Is Jordany Valdespin going to be a viable everyday player?
  • Is Jay Bruce a reasonable 'perfect world' comp for Brandon Nimmo?
  • Of the outstanding Brooklyn rotation in 2012, who has the best career?
  • What role would you give Jeurys Familia going into 2013 and beyond? Same question for Jenrry Mejia.
  • What name -- that currently falls outside top 20 rankings -- has the best chance to crack top tens at this time next year?
  • Is Cory Vaughn a major league starting outfielder?
  • Will Domingo Tapia be able to develop a viable breaking ball despite his arm angle?
  • Is Wilfredo Tovar the next Ruben Tejada or Wilson Valdez?