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Sandy Alderson on Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, and the Mets' first base problem

Alderson hopes to resolve the first base situation for good next year.

Who plays first base for the Mets in 2014?
Who plays first base for the Mets in 2014?

Mets GM Sandy Alderson spoke with WFAN's Mike Francesca yesterday and among the many things he explained was the Mets troubled first base situation. As seen throughout the year, the position was filled with inconsistency and many different players. It is interesting to mention thought that there was no reference of Josh Satin in the conversation:

Well I think at first base you have to be honest with yourself and say look, I’m not sure we have learned everything that we need to about those two guys, but ultimately you have to make a decision, and sometimes you don’t have full information when you do.

To be fair, this could be because his name wasn't raised by Francesa (or because Francesa just plain doesn't know or can't remember). Sandy also mentioned that the problem at first isn't due to aging dinosaurs, though he refused to rule out the possibility of simply getting a new first baseman:

Another factor will be frankly the trade market, what is the market for a first basemen with potential, and power, and the potential to be better? These guys, Ike is not that old. So anyway we’re getting to the point where you can make a decision on those two guys or going into a different direction entirely.

While Sandy's comments are vague as usual, he has played it safe and not ruled out anything this offseason. What say you, Mets fans? Ike? Duda? Trade? Free agency?