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Mets Morning News: Note to self, stop going to bed early

In which David Ortiz does it again, the Arizona Fall League is boring, and Tigers fans are driven to drink.

Al Bello

Meet the Mets

Toby Hyde recapped the first week of action for the Mets contingent in the Arizona Fall League. It's about as exciting as you would expect.

Adam Rubin notes the coming tide of blood that will consume the Mets 40-man roster.

And Chris Jaffe remembers one of the ugliest World Series games of all time.

Yesterday at AA

I wrote about Jared King, Brooklyn Cyclones outfielder.

Light a mup (mup mup)

So I went to bed after the seventh inning of ALCS Game 2, because it was late and I had to be into work early. Oh well. And in case you want GIFs of the Ortiz grand slam, Over the Monster has got you covered there too.

Of course if you were a Tigers fan, last night's game wasn't so great for you.

The NLCS resumes in Los Angeles tonight, and the status of Hanley Ramirez and Andre Ethier are still uncertain. That doesn't figure to help the Dodgers offensive woes.