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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 38

In the "Rick Aguilera looks suspiciously like the other Dad from 'My Two Dads'" edition, Rob and Jeffrey are back after a week off (#BlamePaternostro). This week, we grade the Mets 2013 starters, debate Zack Wheeler's future, and talk about the bullpen as little as possible. After that there is a sneak preview of our AAOPs, as we discuss who should take Matt Harvey's innings in 2014. Then, it's time to talk about Josh Satin, you guys! Finally, we wrap up with your e-mails, which we manage to answer in a relatively brisk manner. Well, for us.

Run Time: 1:35:09


0:00- 9:20: Intro / Rob does not like when people say "as per usual" / Stop complaining about the Top 50 Mets list / Jeffrey watched a lot of TV in the early 90s / We have lots of facts about Rick Aguilera / #unintentionallysexual moment of the podcast

9:20- 44:12: Holy crap Matt Harvey was good this year / Jon Niese had a Jon Niese season / Jeffrey and Rob had less-than-useful theses / Jeffrey finally concedes the Gee/Familia debate to Patrick Flood / Shaun Marcum broke FIP / So let's talk about Zack Wheeler / What to do with Jeremy Hefner / Let's talk about the bullpen, briefly / Rob sings the praises of Scott Rice / Jeffrey taps the breaks on Gonzalez Germen, high leverage reliever / Probably the last time Elvin Ramirez will be mentioned on Amazin' Avenue Audio

44:12- 1:08:49: Replacing Matt Harvey's innings / Suk-Min Yoon? Sure, Suk-Min Yoon / How about Thor? / Syndergaard vs. Wheeler as prospects / Wasting bullets in the Pacific Coast League / Montero might win a job out of camp / Where are they in 2014: Flores, Satin and Turner / Neither of us think Flores in on the 2014 Opening Day roster / How are we building benches in baseball now? / "Because me speaking as me would be like 'f**k yeah Josh Satin!'" / "Juan Lagares can play shortstop for a day" / Justin Turner gets comped to Michael Young, internet collapses on itself

1:08:49- Housekeeping / E-mails / When to go 'all-in' / This might be as good as free agency gets now, by the way / Marlon Byrd in 2014? / Who's leading off? / Jeffrey's motto: Get more good hitters / Outro

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And tune in next week as Jeffrey and Rob unveil their Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plans on Amazin' Avenue Audio.