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Mets Morning News: Meet me in St. Louis, Louis

In which the Dodgers almost kill my father, the Red Sox lose the all-important 'momentum,' and the Mets are probably still broke.

Jeff Gross

Meet the Mets

Despite all the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments over the Mets not knowing the exact date of Matt Harvey's Tommy John surgery, it looks like it will be in the next week or so. Get well soon, Matt!

Toby Hyde noticed that Cesar Puello was left off Baseball America's Eastern League Top 20 Prospect List and endeavored to find out if he was still, in fact, a prospect.

And Howard Megdal notes that if the Mets ownership was treated like the ex-Dodgers-ownership, well, the Mets might be where the Dodgers are now.

Yesterday at AA

James K reminded you of the Mets second half stories you might have forgotten.

Steve Sypa continued his international free agent profiles with Nyjer Morgan.

And I wrote about Mets pitching prospect Jacob deGrom.

Light a mup (mup mup)

Despite a ninth inning that made my father, a lifelong Dodgers fan, turn off the TV in disgust, Los Angeles held on to force a Game 6 in St. Louis.

Meanwhile in Detroit, the Tigers took advantage of some bad pitching and shoddy defense to even the ALCS at two games a piece.

Jeff Sullivan examines how Miguel Cabrera is trying to adjust to playing hurt.

Over at Sports on Earth, Wendy Thurm considers the rather unheralded Red Sox bullpen.

Around MLB

Joe Pos takes on the 32 best calls in sports history. This (shockingly) is a long one.

And ICYMI, Lewie Pollis did some interesting new research on the true value of a win over at Beyond the Box Score.