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Mets Rumors: Dillon Gee, Daniel Murphy, and Bobby Parnell shouldn't expect long-term deals

Players like Daniel Murphy, Dillon Gee, and Bobby Parnell will likely be offered one year deals.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report by Adam Rubin, Mets insiders have suggested that the Mets will not be giving big contract extensions to arbitration-eligible players this offseason. The three major names this affects are Daniel Murphy, Dillon Gee, and Bobby Parnell, all of whom are expected to be tendered contracts by the Mets.

Each player will likely be given a one-year contract, as the Mets apparently aren't penciling the trio into in the team's long-term plans just yet. Rubin suggests that the club will field trade offers on Murphy but expect him to return in 2014, and are concerned with Bobby Parnell's health status coming off of injury. Both players are controlled through 2015, so the Mets have some time to figure out where—or if—they'll be around to see free agency.

Gee is also eligible for arbitration this year, however he is under team control through 2016, and since this is his first arbitration year he probably won't see a substantial jump in salary.

Obviously this news has potential implications in several places. First, it could indicate that the Mets are willing to aggressively shop Murphy in the offseason. Second, if the Mets are looking for additional financial space for free agent signings either this year or next year, not signing players to big extensions gives them more flexibility both payroll- and roster-wise.