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Mets likely to tender contract to Justin Turner

As the Mets' utility man heads towards arbitration, the team will likely offer him a contract in the offseason.

Scott Cunningham

One of the Mets' more intriguing arbitration-eligible players this offseason is utility infielder Justin Turner. Turner is coming off what was arguably his best offensive year with the Mets, as he hit .280/.319/.385 and had 0.5 fWAR.

Last year, Turner's salary totaled $504,547, an increase from his 2012 salary of $491,209. Yesterday, MLB Trade Rumors, using their model, approximated that Turner would get an $800,000 contract from the Mets if tendered. The NY Daily News' Andy Martino agreed, citing a league source suggesting that the Mets would likely offer Turner a contract under $1 million. Martino also stated that the Mets did not feel that it would be an overpay, citing Turner's improvements as a hitter and his well-liked clubhouse demeanor.

In his career with the Mets, Turner has shown the ability to play every infield position, sans catcher, with passable defense. If he continues to improve at the plate, it would seem that the $800,000 is not an overpayment for a core bench player and someone who could potentially be used as trade bait. Plus, if Turner were to leave, who would make whipped cream pies?