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Mets Rumors: Beans for Queens? Mets look to Boston model for answers

The Red Sox' offseason free agent model led to a huge turnaround. Could a similar approach work for the Mets?

Because everything links back to the Byrd Man
Because everything links back to the Byrd Man
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Boston Red Sox are a franchise Mets fans know best as the losers of the 1986 World Series (or the history-making ALCS comeback against the Yankees in 2004). In the 27 years since that defeat, the Sox have been able to break the so-called curse of the Bambino and win two World Series titles, in 2004 and 2007. After a terrible 2012 season with former Mets manager Bobby Valentine at the helm, the team made a number of relatively low-profile signings (including Shane Victorino and especially intense-high-five giver Koji Uehara) and have righted the ship back for 2013. It looks like the Mets will look at being the student to the Red Sox "teacher."

Adam Rubin reports on an unnamed team insider who says that the Mets will follow the Red Sox' model from last offseason with regard to player acquisitions. This officially lowers the chances of getting Robinson Cano from 0% to less than 0%. It could also limit the Mets in any pursuit of free agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo, of whom agent Scott Boras thinks a $100 million deal is setting the bar too low.

In the abovementioned article, ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes emphasized the Red Sox' eye for scouting as another key for their success this year:

"I think it was very good scouting. I think they placed a huge emphasis on not so much character guys, per se, but guys who really wanted to play in Boston. I mean, Carl Crawford obviously didn't want to play here. He was miserable here. So getting guys who, rather than were affronted by the environment here, embraced it."

Roger Cedeno, anyone?