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Mets vs. Marlins: Best rivalry in baseball?

The Mets had two of the most entertaining rivalries in all of baseball this past season.

Maddie Meyer

Even with a season that was largely forgotten, the Mets did play 162 games in 2013, and some of those games were really entertaining. The Mets actually had two of the most entertaining rivalries in all of baseball this past season, according to The Hardball Times.

Using the statistic Win Probability Added (WPA), THT determined which teams had the best rivalries of 2013. WPA, which can be found on the Amazin’ Avenue game recaps, measures how critical each play was towards the outcome of a game. The percentage points awarded to a player adjust for leverage—so late and close situations are more critical—and provide a context-dependent look at how players performed.

To determine the most exciting rivalries, THT looked at which games had the greatest shifts in WPA, therefore revealing which games were the closest and most intense of the season.

The most exciting divisional rivalry in baseball in 2013? None other than the Mets and Marlins, with a total WPA of 67.940. While the two teams struggled through the season—and the Mets in particular struggled with the last place Fish—their head-to-head matchups provided tons of drama. They also had this:


The two teams averaged 3.756 WPA per game, compared to the major league average of 2.677 WPA. The rivalry featured five extra inning affairs, including 20-inning and 15-inning marathons.

The Mets also had the best non-division rivalry of the season with the Diamondbacks. That series included the absurd Independence Day game, featuring extra-inning game-tying home runs from both Anthony Recker and Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

Of course, the Mets' 2013 season didn’t only feature thrilling contests. They also had the worst divisional rivalry of the season with the Phillies. That series had a total WPA of 39.229.