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Mike Francesa threatens to out creators of Twitter parody account @MikeFrancesaNY

The Sports Pope threatens to out two anonymous Twitter impersonators because they hurt his feelings.


Mike Francesa doesn't like Twitter. He says it pretty often on his well-listened radio program on WFAN, and today he decided he was going to wage a war against it.

In what may become a classic rant in the library of classic rants, Francesa threatened to out the masterminds ("geniuses" as Eric called them) behind the parody account @MikeFrancesaNY because he wasn't happy how some of their tweets were being portrayed in his favorite periodical, the Daily News. Francesa has been at odds with the Daily News of late because of their "one-sided" coverage (his words) of the Alex Rodriguez situation, and the published tweets only added fuel to the fire.

"But there’s one that has my name on it, which the Daily News purports, like they put them next to real quotes and act like it’s a real quote from me. So, if it’s one that is either offensive or makes me look bad, they don’t care. They say, ‘Hey, that’s your quote.’"

So who are the men behind the mask? They're two regular working men, according to Francesa. Francesa threatened to out them if they post "another tweet [he] doesn't like," after going on a diatribe about how he and the Daily News have a poor relationship.

If you're playing at home, Mike Francesa has a problem with the Daily News so, in turn, he's decided to take it out on two gentleman, who could have their professional careers hurt, all because they hurt his feelings via a parody account on Twitter. Francesa also announced today that he is joining Bob Costas on an anti-walk-off celebration committee, and will announce his stance on puppies and carnivals later in the week.