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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 39

In the Bobby Parnell edition, Rob and Jeffrey unveil their AAOPs. Rob is a fan of, while Jeffrey unveils the "Noah Syndergaard TRAID challenge." Next, we talk about the Mets recent 40-man moves and reminisce about Rob Carson and Mike Baxter. We also consider who the Mets should add to the 40 for Rule 5 protection. Finally we wrap up with your e-mails, wherein Jeffrey goes on a long and ponderous monologue about the Mets recent drafts.

Run Time: 2:04:00


0:00- 4:33: Intro / I don't have a clever title for the Bobby Parnell edition / Josias Manzanillo memories: We don't really have any / Rob prematurely offers condolences for Dicky Gonzalez's death / Jeffrey makes no promises about this week's run time.

4:33- 32:15: Rob's AAOP

32:15- 55:58: Jeffrey's AAOP

55:58- 1:19:22: Jeffrey introduces the "Noah Syndergaard TRAID challenge" / 40-man roster churn / Jeffrey would be a terrible major league manager / Rob Carson memories / "I can't believe that Yusmeiro Petit didn't play into your AAOP" / The Rule 5 draft doesn't matter. Really. / Who should the Mets protect from the Rule 5 draft / Yes, Steven Matz is one of them / Some other fringe candidates to be added / "It all comes down to a dude that likes a guy" / Google Mapping Marlborough, MA

1:19:22- 2:04:00 E-mails / Breaking in starters in the pen / Gavin Cecchini, Cesar Puello, and public and not-so-public statements / Jeffrey monologues about the Mets drafts / Prospects and offseason planning

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And tune in next week as Jeffrey and Rob try to figure out something to talk about on Amazin' Avenue Audio.