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Bloomberg: Mets valued at more than $2 billion

Bloomberg estimates that the New York Mets are worth over $2 billion, placing them 4th among MLB franchises.

Allison Joyce

In their most recent valuation of Major League Baseball franchises, Bloomberg valued the New York Mets at $2.05 billion, making them the fourth most valuable MLB team. Only $50 million separated the Mets from the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were ranked as the second most valuable MLB team. The New York Yankees were by far the most valuable franchise, with a total value of $3.28 billion.

According to Bloomberg, most of the Mets’ value comes from their regional sports network, SportsNet New York (SNY), of which the Mets have a 65% stake. In fact, the Mets derive more value from their sports network than any other team. However, in the article Bloomberg quoted Joseph Ravitch, a former Goldman Sachs partner and founder of Raine Group LLC, as saying "The equity value of SNY is zero, since the owners use it to cover $75 million a year in Mets losses." The value of the actual team was only $779 million, which would place them eighth in Major League Baseball.

The Mets, Red Sox, and Dodgers were all valued within $50 million of each other. The fifth most valuable franchise, the Cubs, were valued at $700 million less than the Mets. According to Cot's Baseball Contracts, the Mets' 2013 payroll was $93.7 million, while the Dodgers' and Red Sox' 2013 payrolls were $216.8 million and $154.6 million respectively.