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Connecticut man arrested after threatening Mets via Twitter

A West Haven man was charged with threatening members of the Mets' organization on Twitter.

Jim McIsaac

Continuing with our two-day-long exposé on Twitter, NBC Connecticut reports that a man was arrested last night after a joint operation between the Queens County District Attorney and the West Haven Police Department. The man, Aryn Leroux, reportedly sent threatening tweets to Mets players, coaches, and officials, and threatened to cause damage to Citi Field. This is the man's mugshot:

Photo credit: West Haven Police

The man was charged with "threatening in the second degree" (I guess it wasn't pre-meditated threatening?), as well as "breach of peace." He is being held on a $2500 bond and is awaiting arraignment.

We live in a society where instant gratification has become a societal norm, and so Twitter has become a wonderful tool to give us instant updates, quick facts or points, or to spread news or concepts, but obviously some people take it too far. In the words of Bill S. Preston, Esq., "Be excellent to each other." Plus, if we didn't have Twitter, we wouldn't have access to hard-hitting analysis like this: