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Mets Rumors: Angels shopping Peter Bourjos and Mark Trumbo

The Angels are looking to trade Peter Bourjos and/or Mark Trumbo for pitching. Should the Mets bite?

Leon Halip

Earlier today, it was reported that the Los Angeles Angels are willing to trade Peter Bourjos and/or Mark Trumbo for pitching. The Angels had one of the best lineups in the league this year, but because their pitching was subpar, they failed to make the playoffs.

Over the past three years, Trumbo has demonstrated more power than nearly anyone in baseball, hitting 29, 32, and 34 home runs from 2011-2013. Trumbo’s .221 ISO over the past three years is the 18th best mark in baseball. He has significant experience at first base and in the outfield with an +8.8 UZR/150 in 2,480 innings at first but a -7.0 UZR/150 over 992 innings in the outfield. Despite having a ton of power, Trumbo's offensive skillset is limited. He has a career .299 OBP, meaning that his career wRC+ of 111 is actually lower than Lucas Duda's career wRC+ of 115.

Bourjos’s main calling card is his defense. Over about 2,500 innings in CF, he’s rated as about a +20 UZR per full season. He has a career .251/.306/.398 line as a hitter, which rates as slightly below league-average production. Bourjos faced injuries this year that caused him to miss a lot of time. He missed over two months with a wrist injury and had season ending surgery to repair it in September. He also missed over a month with a left hamstring strain.

Nobody currently on the Mets is guaranteed a spot in the outfield next season, but it does seem that Juan Lagares has an inside track on the starting center fielder job.