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Jeff Wilpon speaks about the Mets' upcoming offseason

Jeff Wilpon speaks about the Mets' first base situation, finances, radio move, and more.


Jeff Wilpon, the Mets’ Chief Operating Officer and son of principal owner Fred Wilpon, weighed in today on the New York Mets’ upcoming offseason while volunteering at the Garfield, New Jersey Boys & Girls Club.

  • Wilpon claimed that there are no financial restrictions on the Mets going forward.
  • On the situation at first base, Wilpon suggested that the team does not plan on seeking a first baseman from outside the organization. He also stated that they would likely trade someone, presumably Lucas Duda or Ike Davis, and that other teams have expressed interest in trading for a first baseman.
  • Wilpon mentioned that the Mets did not seriously pursue Jose Abreu, adding that "If he played left or right field, I think we probably would have offered the guy a contract."
  • Wilpon told reporters that only four players have solidified 25-man roster spots in 2014, namely Jon Niese, Zack Wheeler, Dillon Gee, and David Wright.
  • As for the Mets’ radio station, Wilpon indicated that a partnership with WOR would be announced "any day."

Fred and Jeff Wilpon have come under great scrutiny the past few years, as the team has drastically cut payroll from about $140 million to $90 million because of financial concerns stemming from the Madoff investment scandal. While the Wilpons claim to no longer have any personal debt, the team still has nearly $1 billion in debt. The Wilpons have claimed for some time that there are no restrictions on the team's ability to spend and that any decisions not to spend money are the result of General Manager Sandy Alderson’s choices. For the time being, Mets fans will remain skeptical until they see the team spend actual money on free agents.