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Mets Morning News: It is time to light a mup (or so I have been told)

In which, some MLB executive's fourteen-year-old daughter has terrible taste in music, the Rays keep on keepin' on, and the Mets are broke again.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Meet the Mets

Good news everyone! The Mets offseason budget is just dependant on more debt refinancing!

Bernie Pleskoff writes about Brandon Nimmo's first full professional season over at

Greg Prince takes a very long look at the Mets lack of success so far at Citi Field. That issue is on the mind of Metsblog's Maggie Wiggin as well.

And Steven Matz was the lone Met name to make Baseball America's Top 20 South Atlantic League Prospect list.

Yesterday at AA

Andrew Hersh wrote about a potential "Boston model" approach to the offseason.

Chris McShane asked if the Mets should tender or non-tender Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy.

Matthew Yaspan (seriously, who are all these new people?) wondered what Hunter Pence's contract means for the Shin-Soo Choo market.

And I wrote about flamethrowing relief prospect Tyler Bashlor.

Light a Mup (mup mup)

The Rays are going to be sorely disappointed that the playoffs now shift to best-of-five, as they won their second straight one-game playoff last night over the Indians. They will head to Boston for their ALDS matchup.

As Dayton Moore is wont to do, he said something he will probably regret.

Why yes, Marc Normandin, I am sick of the Cardinals. Why do you ask? Oh.

Miguel Cabrera's health will be something to keep an eye on in the A's/Tigers series.

And finally, here are the Mets Morning News picks for the Division Series (for entertainment purposes only, natch'):

Cards over Pirates in 4

Dodgers over Braves in 5

Rays over Red Sox in 5

A's over Tigers in 4