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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 37

In the "In five weeks we have a chance to be on Episode 42" edition, Rob and Jeffrey start the long, slightly painful process of wrapping up the Mets 2013 season. We start this week with season grades for Mets position players and discuss the 2014 fate of Daniel Murphy. Then it's email time. On the agenda: Making sense of short-season numbers, Jeffrey's disagreements with Baseball America, why only good baseball players are managers, and whose numbers should be retired. Shockingly, despite Jeffrey's declaration in the into, the podcast is once again much longer than one hour.

Run Time: 1:41:40


0:00-3:08: Intro/ Jeffrey screws up hitting record this week / Casey Stengel is the only 37 in Mets history, so that's easy / "We are going to try and keep this to an hour, let's see how it goes"

3:08- 55:05: Rob and Jeffrey grade the 2013 Mets position player / Anthony Recker has a much better line than Jeffrey expected / So many platoon fifth outfielders to cover... / Zach Lutz is still #1 in Rob's heart / "He's like the ginger Marlon Anderson" / And now it is time for Jeffrey to grade Josh Satin / "Based on this one stat alone, Quintanilla's plate appearances this year tells you things went poorly for the Mets" / Duda and Davis...again / John Buck: Outslugged by Justin Turner / Still can't believe the Marlon Byrd thing / Eric Young, Juan Lagares and defensive metrics / David Wright: A / Daniel Murphy: Good below-average player or bad above-average player?

55:05- 1:41:40: Alliteration in emails get you to the front of the line / Short-season stats versus tools / "Respected Mets prospectors," Baseball America, and Amed Rosario / Why are all baseball managers former players? / #17 versus #8 / The conversation devolves into discussing Carlos Beltran's Hall of Fame case / Outro

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And tune in next week as we continue our year-end review on Amazin' Avenue Audio.