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Could the Mets' Triple-A affiliate move to Syracuse in 2015?

Mets may shuffle up (near) Buffalo again.

If a giant orange wants a team, you gotta give it to them
If a giant orange wants a team, you gotta give it to them

The Mets' Triple-A affiliate has relocated many times in the last ten years, from Norfolk to New Orleans to Buffalo and, most recently, Las Vegas. With the Mets' affiliate deal with the 51s expiring after the 2014 season, we are already hearing whispers about them moving again, this time to Syracuse.

The Syracuse Chiefs are currently the Nationals' Triple-A team, but the Mets should be happy to move their highest minor league squad a couple thousand miles closer to Queens. Howard Dolgon, owner of the Syracuse Crunch, an American Hockey League team affiliated with the Tampa Bay Lightning, thinks the Mets could—are you sitting down?—help solve some of the Chiefs' financial problems:

Why aren't the (New York) Mets here? Why are the Mets 3,000 miles away (their Triple-A team is in Las Vegas) when you could be on SNY and promoting your brand that way. . . If you are asking me, one of the things that I would do 100 percent, is see if those New York Metropolitans are available.

This story doesn't even qualify as a rumor at this point, but with Triple-A call-ups currently having to slog from Nevada to wherever the Mets happen to be at any given time (usually Queens), a more geographically convenient locale would be indisputably beneficial for the Mets and their highest-level minor leaguers.