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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 40

In the "Hire Brian Bannister for the SNY post-game show already" edition, we are forced to record after Rob's bedtime. So Greg Karam joins Jeffrey to appreciate Carlos Beltran and get in-depth on just how obnoxious the Mets budget constraints are. Then they discuss who might take a step forward this year from within the system to help the 2014 Mets. After that, Alex Nelson joins the show to talk about why the Mets didn't pick Michael Wacha and discuss the 2013 draft. We have no idea how this went two hours either, since the biggest news of the week is Daniel Murphy watching a Tottenham Hotspur game.

Run Time: 2:02:00


0:00- 20:11: Intro / Rob is asleep because it is after 9 PM / 2005 Jeffrey had some bad ideas / 2005 Greg has some bad memories of Braden Looper / Let's review the actual news of the week / Carlos Beltran appreciation time

20:11- 1:03:29: The difference between an 80 million dollar budget and a 90 million dollar budget / Who from inside the system could take a step forward / Getting league-average players will help / Where will Dom Smith be in 2014? / Jeffrey complains about Savannah coming to Lakewood in April again / E-mail: Trading for Dexter Fowler / What do to with Colorado home/road splits / Jeffrey laments Domingo Tapia's 2013 season

1:03:29- 2:02:00: Housekeeping / Alex Nelson joins the show / E-mail: Why did the Mets pass on Michael Wacha? / How concerned should Mets fans be about the 2012 draft at this point? / Do the Mets have trouble developing high school arms? / Jeffrey and Alex like Frank Viola, pitching coach / Alex talks the 2013 Mets draft class / Jeffrey talks about Josh Satin, again / Outro

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And tune in next week as Jeffrey and Rob try to figure out something to talk about on Amazin' Avenue Audio.