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Ron Darling joins MLB Network as offseason analyst

The Mets award-winning analyst will join MLB Networks cast, as his notoriety as an analyst grows


Earlier today, the MLB Network announced that they have hired Ron Darling as an offseason analyst. Darling is coming off another appearance on Turner Broadcasting's coverage of the MLB postseason, and signed a contract extension with Turner earlier this year.

Darling has, of course, been a Mets color analyst alongside Keith Hernandez since 2006. They, along with play-by-play man Gary Cohen, have become one of the most well known, and certainly one of the best, broadcast teams in American professional sports. Darling has won two New York Emmys in the Sports Analyst category, first in 2007, and again in 2012. The Mets broadcast also won as a whole in 2008.

Many people thought that Darling was the likely candidate to replace Tim McCarver on the MLB on Fox's World Series coverage, but he instead chose to keep his expertise on the Turner family of networks. We know that Mets fans will certainly be intrigued to watch Darling's opinion on what should be an interesting offseason for the team.