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Los Angeles Dodgers decline 2014 options on Chris Capuano, Mark Ellis

While Mark Ellis doesn't make much sense for the Mets next year, Chris Capuano might.

Stephen Dunn

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced this evening that they have declined their 2014 options on Chris Capuano and Mark Ellis. Considering the team recently signed Alexander Guerrero, likely to take over second base, the Dodgers' decision on Ellis comes as no surprise. But cutting ties with capuano wasn't an entirely obvious move since Los Angeles could have kept him for $6 million in 2014.

Capuano wasn't outstanding this year, but he posted a 4.26 ERA and 3.55 FIP in 105.2 innings with the Dodgers, the grand majority of which came as a starting pitcher. Last year, he posted a 3.72 ERA and 3.95 FIP in 33 starts for Los Angeles.

The fact that Capuano is available is obviously relevant to the Mets, who have at least one vacancy in their starting rotation heading into the 2014 season. Capuano revived his career with the Mets in 2011 after missing the entire 2010 season and barely pitching in 2009 because of Tommy John surgery. He will turn 36 years old in August next year, but add one more name to the list of players the Mets might reasonably target in free agency this winter.