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Matt Harvey Injury Update: David Wright says surgery is the right choice

The Mets' captain talks Matt Harvey, their friendship, and Harvey's elbow.


Yesterday, David Wright spoke about Matt Harvey's decision to undergo Tommy John surgery to repair his partially torn UCL. The Mets' captain/all-around good guy stated that he and Harvey had become good friends, and that they had often talked over the past few months. Wright was understanding of Harvey's choice to pursue surgery, stating:

"I know he was fighting—going back and forth with himself—trying to figure out what the best situation would be. But I think this is best for us as an organization, and I think it's best for him personally"

Wright said that he believes that some of the nervousness that Harvey had felt in the past few weeks about the decision would subside, and that he has the full backing of the franchise to do, what they believe, is the right thing.

Wright was then asked about who should replace the injured Harvey, and more specifically if it should be an internal candidate. Regarding pitching prospects Rafael Montero, Jacob deGrom, and Noah Syndergaard, Wright responded:

"I'm not sure if they're ready. I don't know how far they've progressed this year to say whether they're going to be ready to make the team out of spring next year, or if they want them to develop. If they want to let them to develop, obviously we need to fill those five spots. And if those guys aren't ready, we've got to get pitchers from somewhere."

Wright was also encouraged by the Mets' offseason plans, saying he believes the team will get better as the winter progresses. Wright admitted that it would be tough without Harvey in 2014, but he still believes there is a plan in place to improve, saying:

So I think the plan is still moving forward to get much better next season. And then when Harvey is ready to come back, probably 2015, it's almost like making a huge, blockbuster trade the offseason before that getting a No. 1 starter.

As for Wright's optimism, it is probably not unfounded. Wright is the face of the Mets and the team's captain, so one can only assume he has some inside information into the front office's thinking. Even still, Wright can't generate money himself (maybe he should have advised Fred and Jeffy to buy into Vitamin Water), but to hear the news that the Mets are behind Harvey and plan on getting better from the captain himself is encouraging.

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