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Tender Or Non-Tender: Ruben Tejada

Clearly not a favorite of the Mets' front office, Ruben Tejada is due for his first year of arbitration.

Jim McIsaac

There's no doubt that shortstop was one of the Mets' worst positions in the 2013 season. While Omar Quintanilla played significantly more for the Mets than Ruben Tejada did this year, the latter was one of the worst hitters in baseball when he played.

With a .202/.259/.260 slash line and non-elite, possibly below average, defense, Tejada had one of the worst years at the position among everyone in the big leagues. To top things off, his season ended early when he broke his leg, an injury from which he's likely to recover by spring training but might still set him back a bit for next season. But as a Super Two, he's set for his first year of arbitration, and MLB Trade Rumors estimates he'll earn $1 million in 2014 as a result.

Even though he's spent parts of four seasons in the big leagues, Tejada will turn just 24 year old later this month. And between 2011 and 2012, he hit a much more respectable .287/.345/.345 with the Mets. Sandy Alderson has made it pretty clear that the Mets need to upgrade at shortstop, but it's hard to imagine they would let a young player who had even moderate success in MLB walk for nothing.

It won't be much of a surprise if the Mets include Tejada in a trade package, either before or after the non-tender deadline on December 2, but if he's still with the organization by then, the Mets should keep him.