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The Piazzas: Amazin' Avenue 2013 Community Mets Awards

See how the Amazin' Avenue community voted in all seven categories of The Piazzas.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

All seven of the most prestigious Mets award on the Internet, The Piazzas, have been awarded. The Amazin' Avenue community voted on the awards as well, and the results were near identical to the Amazin' Avenue staffers'. Only one winner was different, in the Worst Position Player category.

Best Rookie: The results were the same as the staff's.

Player % of Vote
Juan Lagares 49%
Zack Wheeler 47%
Josh Satin 2%

Worst Relief Pitcher: Frank Francisco got more hate from the community than the staff.

Player % of Vote
Robert Carson 55%
Frank Francisco 19%
Brandon Lyon 11%

Best Relief Pitcher: Congratulations to Anthony Recker for coming in third place!

Player % of Vote
Bobby Parnell 54%
LaTroy Hawkins 29%
Anthony Recker 7%

Worst Starting Pitcher: I'm thinking that Harvey should have received more votes.

Player % of Vote
Shaun Marcum 71%
Aaron Laffey 13%
Matt Harvey 5%

Best Starting Pitcher: These results mirrored the staff vote.

Player % of Vote
Matt Harvey 89%
Dillon Gee 6%
Zack Wheeler 2%

Worst Position Player: The staff went with Ruben Tejada but the community voted for Ike Davis. Both players stunk up the joint this season.

Player % of Vote
Ike Davis 33%
Ruben Tejada 25%
Jordany Valdespin 21%

Best Position Player: The staff and community were on the same page here. Shocker.

Player % of Vote
David Wright 86%
Marlon Byrd 9%
Daniel Murphy 2%

Thank you for voting. And thank you once again to the talented Randy Medina of The Apple for designing the beautiful Piazza seen below. This concludes The Piazzas. See you next year!