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Mets Morning News: "Hello, may I speak to Mr. Choo? Hi, this is David Wright calling from the New York Mets..."

Your Sunday morning dose of New York Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.

"Bros, come play for the Mets next year! Even you, Bryce." -David Wright
"Bros, come play for the Mets next year! Even you, Bryce." -David Wright

Meet the Mets

David Wright has started an offseason of recruiting, as he's already spoken to some free agents about joining the Mets. David Wright is the best. I just wonder if he's required to pitch Amway products in these calls.

On select Mondays, the Mets will salute the military with Military Monday, where they'll wear camouflage uniforms. U.S. Servicemen and three guests will receive free tickets to those games.

John Harper says that the Mets should consider trading pitching for sluggers this winter, which makes some sense. It's the right idea, but some of those trade proposals aren't all that great, as Rising Apple points out.

If the Mets' $30-40 million does not go as far as they hoped this winter, Joel Sherman wonders what they'll do?

Around the Majors

Scott Boras is aiming for Jayson Werth's $126 million contract in negotiations for Shin-Soo Choo. I don't know if he'll break it but I don't think it's that far fetched either. I'd bet he pretty easily breaks $100 million, at the least.

A bunch of teams are said to be moving quickly on Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew. Even if Jhonny Peralta is their top target, you'd have to hope the Mets are one of them, considering their gaping hole there and the dearth of quality options beyond those two.

15 teams have contacted Braves' righty Tim Hudson. It sounds like Atlanta wants him back but can't fit him into the payroll as long as Dan Uggla is still eating up all that money. What a shame!

Former big leaguers Randy Messenger and Matt Murton are expected to stay in Japan.

Former 2005 Met Jose Offerman attacked two minor league ballplayers with a bat six years ago, ending their careers, and with the trial set to begin, the former big leaguer is nowhere to be found.

Yesterday At AA

Chris McShane wonders if ex-Mets property Scott Kazmir and Joe Smith could be fits once again in New York.

Ben Stiller and Mike Piazza nearly made what would've likely been an awesome movie together.

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