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Mets Rumors: Team unlikely to spend $100 million on a free agent

The Mets general manager is reportedly unwilling to take the plunge on high-priced players.


Last week reports surfaced that the Mets were interested in players like Shin-Soo Choo that would cost over $100 million to acquire in free agency. Such targets would provide a high-risk, high-reward way for New York to plug holes in its roster.

This week, it's being reported that GM Sandy Alderson will stick to his instincts when it comes to not trusting expensive free agents.

Alderson could just be throwing up a smokescreen with this, but the GM has never been one for making a splash in the free agent market, and apparently that's not just because he used to work for the Athletics and Padres. Having the money to spend on big free agents doesn't mean one should necessarily spend that money, and Mets fans know all to well that big payrolls can still lead to big disappointments on the field.

It's hard to blame Alderson, then, for showing restraint and preferring to go with a quantity-over-quality strategy. Besides, the Mets not signing a headline player does not mean that they won't acquire one in a trade.

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