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Jeff Wilpon says Mets may be busy working on a deal

The Mets' brass gave a vague update.

Marc Serota

Jeff Wilpon spoke to Mets beat reporters a short while ago and said that team officials were up late last night in meetings and could have something in the works for this afternoon. Despite the wording being vague, this has the potential to be big news if Jeff Wilpon is speaking about it himself.

In the past few days, we've heard that the club was sizing-up interest in Ike Davis, possibly making a run at former A's outfielder Chris Young, and looking to improve the offense either via free agency or trade. All of these are likely still on the table, but Wilpon did add that the free agent market for outfielders is "scary."

Could "scary" be a ploy to throw other teams off, or to surprise Mets fans later today? Probably not, especially since Sandy Alderson was saying just two days ago that the Mets wouldn't be spending $100 million for any free agent. It would seem that if the Mets are looking to make a deal that the most likely scenario would be to send Ike Davis somewhere. If Sandy Alderson could swindle a player like Norichika Aoki, this could have the makings of a big day.

David Lennon of Newsday said that the Mets met with a player—presumably a free agent—last night. Andy Martino suggests that it's likely not Curtis Granderson, since his agent has not met with Mets officials. Wilpon also said to the media:

"We’re open for business. I’d say there’s three, four, five different balls in the air. We’ll see which one lands first."

What do you think the Mets are up to right now? Are they shipping off Ike Davis? Signing a big-name free agent? Or, are the Wilpons just blowing smoke?

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