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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 41

In the milestone Tom Seaver edition, Jeffrey and Rob take on the hot stove rumor mill. First, we discuss the Phillies signing Marlon Byrd, before moving on to some TRAID thought experiments (which Rob manages to ruin). Then it's e-mail time, and you sent us nine goddamn emails. On the docket: Ike Davis vs. Lucas Duda, part 75, our feelings on trading for Nori Aoki and a potential Curtis Granderson deal, some wacky roster talk, some depressing ownership talk, an analysis of the 1971 Cy Young ballot, and whether or not just taking walks is an actual indicator of plate discipline. Phew, that's a lot.

Run Time: 1:53:19

On this week's episode:

Death metal intro

Every other Mets player who wore #41

A consideration of just how good Tom Seaver was

Jeffrey cracks a cold one

The actual news of the week

Marlon Byrd will not be a Met in 2014


Jeffrey stages a dramatic reading of a tweet

TRAID talk

Montero vs. Gee

Profar vs. Andrus vs. Kinsler

Rob ruins everything

Jeffrey and Rob wonder where they will be in 2023

So. Many. Emails.

Ike Davis vs. Lucas Duda, again

Let's talk about Norichika Aoki, because there is no actual news

Should the Mets sign Curtis Granderson?

Baseball with unlimited substitutions

Brief football talk

Depressing ownership talk

Rob and Jeffrey break down the 1971 Cy Young race

Walks versus plate discipline

Death metal outro

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Don't forget you can e-mail the show at (maybe not all of you though). And tune in next week as Jeffrey and Rob make Hitchhiker's Guide references, once again assuming Jeffrey gets out of work before Rob's bedtime.