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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 42

In "The Second Spitter" edition, Chris and Jeffrey keep it to punk-rock-2xLP length, mostly because there is very little Mets news, and partially because you didn't send us nine e-mails this week. On the docket: a discussion of the Mets recent minor league free agent moves and how Jeffrey is completely useless at gathering info on non-Mets prospects, how Sandy Alderson's recent media blitz changes...uh, nothing, and whether or not Ruben Tejada has beef with the Mets management of his service clock. Then it's e-mail time as we talk more about a possible Elvis Andrus trade with an assist from Lone Star Ball and grimly entertain some David Wright trade possibilities. Of course, Jeffrey also refers to Chris as "Rob" multiple times and uses profanity in reference to the Cardinals.

Run Time: 1:04:19

On this week's episode:

Melodic death metal

The Minutemen references

Mo Vaughn's giant sandwich

Jeffrey is useless discussing any non-Met, non-Miguel-Sano prospect he saw this year.

The outlet store Miguel Olivo

Chris likes Scott Baker, Jeffrey likes Kevin Slowey (still)

A paean to Pelf

Sandy Alderson's magical media mystery tour

Breaking news that is probably no longer breaking news

Ruben Tejada got beef

A less-than-impassioned defense of Tejada

What will it take to get Elvis Andrus?


The darkest timeline

"Mets fans love Chris Schwinden"


See you next week!


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