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Mets Rumors: Team execs meet with Jay Z, discuss Robinson Cano over dinner

The team had a secret meeting with Robinson Cano's agent, Jay Z, on Monday.


The Mets’ brain trust held a meeting with Jay Z on Monday, because who wouldn't want to sit down at a swanky restaurant with Jay Z?

The famed hip hop artist turned sports agent also happens to represent second baseman Robinson Cano, the biggest free agent on the market. A free agent the Mets could use to bolster their weak lineup, but a free agent who is also looking for a long-term deal in the opulent neighborhood of ten years and $310 million.

Nonetheless, Sandy Alderson, Jeff Wilpon, and John Ricco decided to meet with Jay Z on Monday, according to the New York Post. Cano has said he plans to wait for the right offer, but the meeting makes sense.

The Mets need offense and represent one of the very few markets—in principle—with enough money to meet Cano’s demands. Nothing would tell fans that the Madoff scandal is a thing of the past more than finally digging into those deep New York pockets and signing a star like Cano, not to mention the bonus of plucking him from the team’s crosstown rival.

All signs point to that not happening, but at least the Mets' brass got to meet Jay Z. It also can't hurt to meet with the new kid on the block, agent-wise, and maybe they will get him to do a post-game concert in 2014.

Meanwhile, Cano will surely get the largest contract of the offseason. He hit .314/.383/.516 with a 6.0 fWAR for the Yankees in 2013. The Yankees offered Cano a seven-year deal worth at least $161 million, but he rejected it, according to the Post.

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