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Mets Offseason: Sandy Alderson expects payroll to be above $87 million in 2014

The Mets' GM seems confident that the team will spend more than zero dollars this winter.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Will the Mets actually spend money before spring training starts? That question has permeated Mets free agency discussion as players like Marlon Byrd and LaTroy Hawkins fly off the board. Names like Jhonny Peralta and Alfredo Aceves get floated around, but there's no immediate sign that Sandy Alderson and the front office are ready to make a move.

However, Alderson spoke with reporters today and said that the team will definitely be spending some money.

Okay, so that doesn't mean that Alderson is going to blow away Shin-Soo Choo with a $150 million offer, but it is something. Big contracts can get messy, anyway. It remains a more realistic possibility that New York will pursue less sexy names that can fill holes on the team. The trade market also is very much in play with Lucas Duda and Ike Davis unable to share first base.

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