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Reaction Roundup: The Mets' Chris Young signing

What do people think of the Chris Young signing?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets signed outfielder Chris Young to a one-year, $7.25 million deal this morning. Here are a few reactions to the move.

  • Dan Szymborski, the proprietor of the ZIPS projection system, stated that "ZiPS projects Chris Young with the Mets as 232/312/418, 104 OPS+, +5 DR in CF, 2.6 WAR," adding that, "In LF or RF, ZiPS still has Young a contributor, worth +10 on D and 2.3 WAR."
  • Dave Cameron of Fangraphs wrote in an article that he "that this will likely go down as one of the best free agent signings of the off-season."
  • Toby Hyde of Mets Minor League Blog argued that Chris Young is likely worth the one-year, $7.25 million contract.
  • Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated tweeted that he would risk the $7.25 million on Young, adding that the problem is the Mets budget. He also stated that, "If Marlon Byrd can rebound at 35, Chris Young - a far more complete player at his peak - can do so at 30."
  • Jonah Keri of Grantland tweeted that the contract was a "good get," noting that he included Young among his five free agent bargains in a soon-to-be-released piece.
  • Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal was quick to point out that while the deal may seem like an overpay to many, those people "are not understanding what it costs to build through free agency."
  • Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog was not a big fan of the deal, saying that Alderson "allocated 30% of his budget on a .200 hitter."
  • Michael Baron, also of MetsBlog, shared the opinion of Cerrone, tweeting that $7.25 million for Young was "an overpay."
  • Chris of tpgmets tweeted that Young is set to make more money than all 12 players who spent at least one inning in the Mets outfield in 2013.

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