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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 43

In the "#Dickeythebest" edition, Rob and Jeffrey have actual Mets news to discuss! The Mets added some prospects to the 40-man roster! The Mets signed an actual major league player to an actual major league contract! The Mets still don't have a shortstop! After that we answer your e-mails, Jeffrey mentions Baseball Prospectus a lot, and a discussion of Jenrry Mejia's stuff gets sexually explicit.

Run Time: 1:42:14

In this week's episode:

We don't discuss Miguel Socolovich, unfortunately.

We do discuss what R.A. Dickey means to us.

Erik Goeddel: Prospect of (this) Week

Did the Mets have to protect Matz?

Jeffrey and Rob disagree politely about the Chris Young deal, kind of.

Where does the Mets money go from here?

Shortstop Avenue Audio, featuring an assist from Mike Ferrin

Jeffrey and Rob disagree more vehemently, but still politely, about Starlin Castro

Jeffrey comically tries to roll his r's.

A NSFW discussion about Jenrry Mejia's stuff

Plus, e-mails on Dillon Gee's value, a hypothetical Mike Trout extension, and John Jay

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Don't forget you can e-mail the show at And tune in next week to hear Jeffrey say 'to be perfectly honest' another dozen times or so.