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Sandy Alderson, Chris Young speak about Mets' signing

Young expects to have a shot at playing center field.

Jason O. Watson

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson and Chris Young held a conference call this evening to officially announce that Young has signed with the team. Here's some of what they said to the team's beat reporters on the call.

Sandy Alderson

Chris Young

Although Juan Lagares looked great in center field in 2013, it makes sense that the Mets are at least giving Young a chance to win the position. He's played there longer, and he's been a better hitter than Lagares was in his rookie campaign. Both players derive a lot of their value from their defensive ability, but Young has a track record of hitting for power in the big leagues and could put up a better year than Lagares in center.

Of course, there are two other outfield positions on a baseball team, and the Mets don't have obvious everyday players at either of them. That means Young and Lagares could both have starting roles next year.

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