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Mets Morning News: How long till pitchers and catchers report again?

In which nothing much happens until February.


Meet the Mets

Toby Hyde takes on Baseball America's Mets Top 10 prospect list.

Yesterday at AA

Our series of free agent profiles rolled on with entries on Phil Hughes and Grant Balfour.

Around the NL East

The Good Phight looks back at the last big Phillies rebuild.

Fake Teams compares Bryce Harper to Ryan Braun going into the 2014 season.

And the Marlins plan on holding onto Giancarlo Stanton, for now at least.

Around MLB

Grant Brisbee tries to figure out where Robinson Cano is headed.

Here is a quick primer on options and qualifying offers as we head into the hot stove season.

Tom Tango gives his take on whether or not MLB is more or less popular now, which seems to be an issue of recent concern.

FanGraphs looks at the slowest pitches that were hit out of the park in 2013.

Former Mets prospect Phil Humber has found yet another home, this time with the Oakland A's.

And over at Sports on Earth, Tomas Rios pens a Hall of Fame apologia for David Ortiz.

And now, your 2013 Mets highlight of the day to get you through the long, cold winter: For a rather mediocre team, the Mets did have their fair share of walkoffs in 2013. Here's Josh Satin capping a ninth inning comeback, HAIL!

And your non-baseball link of the day: I have found myself vaguely obsessed with Stewart Lee's standup recently. Here's an episode of his BBC series, which is a mix of stand-up and sketches. (some audio is NSFW, probably)