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Mets interested in bringing back LaTroy Hawkins

The Mets are looking to bring back LaTroy Hawkins next season after a solid 2013.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It seems the Mets may be looking to make their first offseason move, as the team is negotiating a deal with LaTroy Hawkins. The 40-year-old Hawkins came to Mets last offseason after signing a minor league deal. He was able to make the major league roster out of spring training and pitched admirably in the 2013, with 72 appearances, a 2.93 ERA, 7.00 K/9, and 1.27 BB/9.

Hawkins had wanted to test free agency, so it is more than likely that the Mets will be required to pay more than the $1 million they paid him in 2013, especially if another team is in the mix. He would continue to be a veteran pretense who seems to be well-liked in the clubhouse.

If Hawkins is able to repeat his 2013 performance, the Mets could use him in high leverage situations alongside Bobby Parnell. He could also be an excellent mentor to the plethora of young pitchers the Mets have in their farm system.