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The Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest: Champtions!

The results are in!

From a field of over sixty AAOPs, we narrowed the contest down to five finalists on Monday. The Amazin' Avenue community voted on the winners. Let's get right to the results.


Prize: Carlos Beltran autographed baseball

It's Time to Begin, Isn't It?, by MattT516, 326 votes

"Now, the ill-advised Johan Santana and Jason Bay contracts are only going to cost us $8.5 million this year. In turn, we can move on with salary flexibility and a rebuilt farm system. Despite the loss of Matt Harvey this upcoming season, it is finally time to take some chances. With help from the beloved MSPaint, it’s your move, Sandy…"

Second place

Prize: Dwight Gooden autographed baseball

You down with AAOP?, by ryangillman, 319 votes

"Based on my WAR projections, I have this team at 94 wins, which should definitely be enough to make the playoffs, especially with the second wild card around. Obviously, those projections will vary and so will the win total, but hopefully this team can make the playoffs. If not, the team should still be set up solidly for 2015, when they get Matt Harvey back."

Third place

Prize: Omir Santos autographed baseball

Anustart, by Russ, 163 votes

"The Mets need A New Start as well as a vanity plate telling everyone about this new beginning. Unfortunately, "A NEW START" doesn't fit on a license plate. We'll have to improvise, and do what they did on Arrested Development. We'll compress the spelling to 8 letters."

Congrats, everybody! Keep an eye on the front page as we feature these AAOPs and a few others over the weekend.