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Reviewing the Mets' non-tender possibilities

December 2 is MLB's non-tender deadline, and the Mets have ten arbitration-eligible players on their roster.

Scott Cunningham

With Major League Baseball's December 2 non-tender deadline quickly approaching, the Mets will soon decide whether or not to give contracts to their ten arbitration-eligible players: Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, Dillon Gee, Bobby Parnell, Eric Young Jr., Lucas Duda, Scott Atchison, Ruben Tejada, Omar Quintanilla, and Justin Turner.

Players tendered contracts could ultimately end up in arbitration with the Mets later this winter, but most players settle on a one-year contract with their teams before then. Non-tendered players become free agents. With a budget that's very likely limited, even the relatively modest salaries of these players could make a difference to the Mets as they field a team for 2014. And with a full 40-man roster, the Mets will need to clear spots for any new players they acquire this winter.

Last month, we covered most of the Mets' arbitration-eligible players in our non-tender series and asked you whether or not you'd tender each player a contract if you were Sandy Alderson. Here's a quick roundup, which includes salary estimates from MLB Trade Rumors.

Daniel Murphy ($5.8 million)

"Even if Murphy gets $5.8 million for 2014, there’s no way the Mets would non-tender him and let him hit free agency for no return. If the team would rather go with another player at the position next year—be it Wilmer Flores or a free agent—Murphy would very likely have trade value."

Tender: 97%

Non-tender: 3%

Ike Davis ($3.5 million)

He’ll turn 27 in March, and despite his struggles, it’s probably not worth giving up on him for nothing. With a 32 home run season in 2012, a relatively modest salary, and one more year of team control after 2014, perhaps another team will be interested in buying low.

Tender: 70%

Non-tender: 30%

Eric Young Jr. ($1.9 million)

It certainly sounds like the Mets will keep him around. But if he’s retained with a significant raise, he shouldn’t be penciled in for an everyday gig in the Mets’ offensively-challenged outfield.

Tender: 88%

Non-tender: 12%

Scott Atchison ($1.3 million)

In 55 appearances totaling 45.1 innings, Atchison had a 4.37 ERA and 3.75 FIP. The average major league relief pitcher this year had a 3.59 ERA and 3.70 FIP. So Atchison wasn't dreadful, but he certainly wasn't one of the better bullpen arms on the 2013 Mets.

Tender: 11%

Non-tender: 89%

Ruben Tejada ($1 million)

It won't be much of a surprise if the Mets include Tejada in a trade package, either before or after the non-tender deadline on December 2, but if he's still with the organization by then, the Mets should keep him.

Tender: 63%

Non-tender: 37%

Omar Quintanilla ($900k)

It sounds like the Mets will do everything they can to acquire a shortstop from outside the organization this year, which would render Quintanilla a bench player at best. While the difference between the league minimum and Quintanilla’s estimated salary isn’t much, he doesn’t seem like a lock to be tendered.

Tender: 20%

Non-tender: 80%

Justin Turner ($800k)

In 886 plate appearances over those three years, Turner has hit .267/.327/.371. That might not sound like much, but it's a line good enough for a 97 wRC+. If Turner were an everyday player, the bat wouldn't play, but in a reserve role, it's pretty good.

Tender: 83%

Non-tender: 17%