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Mark Trumbo traded to Diamondbacks in three-team deal

The Diamondbacks acquired the slugging infielder in exchange for two former top-100 prospects.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Mark Trumbo —a seemingly more attractive first base option than Ike Davis or Lucas Duda— has been removed from the trade market. The Angels have completed a three-team trade that sends the slugging infielder to the Diamondbacks, according to this tweet from Diamondbacks beat writer Nick Peicoro:

The Mets were never really a match for Trumbo, with their outfield now set, Captain America at third base, and too many uninteresting first base options already. But the removal of the 30-homer threat from the trade market means the teams that missed out on Trumbo could soon turn to the Mets for help.

While Trumbo has arguably been more successful than Davis or Duda because of his power, consistent playing time, and slightly above-average offense, the return for him could clue the Mets into what to expect for Davis or Duda. The trade required three teams, but it came down to the Diamondbacks giving up Adam Eaton and Tyler Skaggs in return for Trumbo and two players to be named later. The Mets would most likely be thrilled with anything close to that return for Davis or Duda.

Both Eaton and Skaggs were on Baseball America’s top-100 prospects before 2013. Meanwhile, Trumbo’s career 111 wRC+ actually ranks worse than Duda’s 115 and Davis’s 112.