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Rule 5 Draft Recap: Mets select Seth Rosin from Phillies then trade him to the Dodgers

Highlights from this morning's riveting multi-phase Rule 5 draft.

Oh, the excitement!
Oh, the excitement!
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

At this morning's Rule 5 draft, the Mets selected right-handed pitcher Seth Rosin from the Phillies in the major league phase of the cash-for-clunkers event. Mets fans had hardly enough time to look up Rosin's stats on before he was flipped to the Dodgers for a small sum of cash.

Though they left some mildly noteworthy players unprotected—Darin Gorski, Chase Huchingson, Joel Carreno, and Cory Vaughn, to name a few—none were selected by another team.

In the Triple-A phase of the draft, the Mets lost left-handed pitcher Jim Fuller (Twins), right-handed pitcher Martiras Arias (Nationals), and left-handed pitcher Carlos Velazquez (Astros), though they managed to balance the ledger somewhat by grabbing right-handed pitcher Jonathan Velasquez from the Twins.