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The Amazin' Avenue Charity Pledge Drive: 2013 results

Turning the Mets' ups and downs into a reason to donate to a great cause.

Early in the 2013 season, we opened up our charity pledge drive, the fourth we've had here at Amazin' Avenue. The tradition started back in 2010, as David Wright's strikeout rate peaked, and we thought we'd turn something negative into something positive by asking for donation pledges based on Wright's strikeout total. The community here came up with plenty of other great ideas for pledge criteria, and we've been able to support charities that help folks truly in need. This year, we chose Doctors Without Borders as our charity.

The pledges this year totaled $931.83, which is down from last year but still great, especially considering it's coming from just a dozen people. We'll reach out to you if you pledged, but here's our donation page at the Doctors Without Borders website. If you didn't make a pledge but would like to join the effort, head on over to the donation page, and feel free to send us an email.

And here are some of our favorite pledges from this year:

$20 if Matt Harvey starts the All Star Game: $20 x 1 = $20
$1 for each David Wright strikeout: $1 x 79 = $79
$2 for every Mets loss at Citi Field: $2 x 48 = $96
$1 for every point above/below .200 AVG for Ike Davis: $1 x 5 = $5
$0.01 per OPS point of Ike Davis and Lucas Duda: $0.01 x 1,428 = $14.28
$0.05 per Josh Satin or Zach Lutz plate appearance: $0.05 x 247 = $12.35
$20 if the Mets finish ahead of the Phillies: $20 x 1 = $20

Thanks again to everyone who participated.