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2014 MLB Free Agent Profile: Francisco Rodriguez

A reunion between Rodriguez and the Mets seems incredibly unlikely, but he is available.

Mike McGinnis

Francisco Rodriguez's time with the Mets was a bit checkered, to say the least. Signed by the team before the team moved into Citi Field in 2009, his tenure with the Mets included his arrest in the team's clubhouse in 2010. And his contract, which guaranteed three years and $37 million, included a terrible $17.5 million vesting option for the 2012 season. Sandy Alderson traded him during the 2011 season, which eliminated the possibility that the option would vest.

On the mound, though, Rodriguez was actually pretty good with the Mets. In 165 appearances, he had a 3.05 ERA, 3.29 FIP, and a very good 25.9 percent strikeout rate. He gave up walks and hits at a higher-than-ideal rate, but he wasn't bad.

Before joining the Mets, Rodriguez was dominant for seven season with the Angels. Since the Mets traded him to the Brewers, Rodriguez has been a bit up and down, but in 2013, which he split between the Brewers and Orioles, he had a 2.70 ERA and 3.65 FIP with his best strikeout rate since 2010 and the best walk rate of his career. He'll turn just 32 years old in January, and after hitting free agency last November, he didn't end up re-signing with the Brewers until the middle of April this year.

It's pretty hard to imagine the Mets bringing Rodriguez back, but perhaps he could be had on a reasonable deal to pitch in setup situations and step in as the team's closer if Bobby Parnell isn't healthy.