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Mets Rumors: Scott Boras trying to get Mets in on Kendrys Morales, Stephen Drew

Baseball's biggest agent is trying to sell the Mets more new players.


Scott Boras is trying to pitch Kendrys Morales and Stephen Drew to the Mets, according to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick. Both players were given qualifying offers at the beginning of the offseason and turned them down, which means signing one of them would cost the Mets their third-round pick in the 2014 amateur draft.

Crasnick says the Mets appear to have little or no interest in Morales, and that makes sense. His best season came in 2009, when he hit 34 home runs and posted a 136 wRC+ and 3.0 fWAR for the Angels, but things haven't gone nearly that well for him since. Morales missed most of 2010 and all of 2011 after breaking his ankle celebrating a home run, and he put up 1.7 fWAR and 1.2 fWAR in 2012 and 2013, respectively, with a 117 wRC+ in total. And he's almost exclusively been a designated hitter in his big league career, having played first base regularly in 2009 but in just 59 games over the last two years combined.

Drew has long been connected to the Mets in rumors as they look for alternatives to opening the season with Ruben Tejada at short. Crasnick says money could be an issue for the Mets when it comes to Drew. But perhaps, as our own Matthew Yaspan suggested, Drew's value will plummet over the next few weeks and make him a match for the Mets. A highly-rated defender at short, Drew struggles against left-handed pitching but put up a 3.4 fWAR season in 2013 thanks to a .253/.333/.443 slash line with a 109 wRC+, which is good for the position.