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Mets Rumors: Alderson asked Orioles for Eduardo Rodriguez for Ike Davis

The Mets are still looking to move the first baseman.

Jim McIsaac

The Mets unsuccessfully asked the Orioles for left-handed pitching prospect Eduardo Rodriguez in exchange for Ike Davis, according to Mike Puma. The Mets are reportedly still talking with the Orioles, as well as the Pirates and Brewers, about Davis.

It's not difficult to understand why the Orioles turned down the Mets' offer. The Orioles already have a top-tier power hitter at first base in Chris Davis, and it seems silly that they would pay a premium for essentially a back-up first baseman, unless they plan on using Davis as a designated hitter.

It would seem that the Brewers and Pirates are much better trade partners. The Brewers lack a first baseman since the departure of Corey Hart, and with Gaby Sanchez having posted a dramatic platoon split for the Pirates last season, Ike Davis makes sense for them, too.

Back in November, Sandy Alderson said that he felt that the market for Davis and Lucas Duda would heat up as the winter progressed and more free agent options were taken off the board. Alderson still seems to be pushing Davis to teams he spoke to at the Winter Meetings.